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Sælges: Velleman KSR3 Robotkit

Pris: 80 kr
Kategori: Modelhobby \ Diverse
Stand: Ny
Oprettet: 15/04-2017


Henrik Bendorff
Borgergade 37
6752 Glejbjerg
CVR: Privatsalg

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Pris 80 kr.

A series of Robot Kits for the future engineer. Build this kit and find out how much fun electronics, mechanics or hydraulics can be!
This hexapod monster is a robot that uses infrared emitting diodes for eyes and propels itself with its 6 legs. It backs up to the left when it detects obstacles and subsequently keeps moving forward as long as the sensor does not detect any new obstacles. Two sets of gear motors (unassembled).

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